1. neil-gaiman:


    I want to spend a day in the mind of Neil Gaiman, honestly. 

    You really don’t. It’s weird in here. Also I think that thing over there in the corner of my mind is moving.

    Don’t look. Maybe it won’t see us.

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  2. eatsleepdraw:

    What if Disney did a movie, that was animated like it was a moving Impressionist painting? I did this in an attempt to conjure up some imagery!

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  3. what-the-fuck-is-wrong-with-kise:


    Rubeus Remus Potter. You were named after the only two people at Hogwarts who seemed to give shit about me, because come on who else would I name you after? A verbally abusive dickbag who was in love with my mum and gave me shit all my life and someone who convinced a bunch of children that they needed to be soldiers? What kind of awful aspirations would that make you end up having? Come on son I’m not an idiot…

    #bless this post

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  4. burdge:



    ok but teddy lupin with a turquoise undercut and the lunar cycle tattooed on his forearm.

    ok but teddy lupin with a turquoise undercut and a moon on his forearm that changes with the real moon.

    yoooo like this???

    The party don’t start ‘til Burdge walks in.

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    Post-Reichenbach AU: After the staged death, the criminal mastermind seeks shelter at someone, who not only owes him a favor, but is also capable of handling the secrecy.
    Nevertheless, Sebastian does not give up that fast.

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    My ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is.  Life creates it, makes it grow.  It’s energy surrounds us and binds us.  Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.

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    ffffffffffffffff HOW HAVE I NEVER SEEN THIS BEFORE.

    Thank. You. Dainel.

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  5. constantvigilante:

    Odin: Loki, son, I need to talk to you.
    Loki: Yes, Father?
    Odin: You are becoming a young man. There are some things in your past that may come to light and your mother and I haven’t told you before in fear it would upset you.
    Loki: … Yes?
    Odin: At the final battle of Jotunheim, I found an infant. It was small and malnourished - a child Laufey sought not to claim for its power was in magic, not in physical strength.
    Loki: …
    Odin: I took you from that battle, son, and your mother and I have loved you ever since.
    Loki: Sssso… this is why you prefer Thor.
    Odin: This is why I spend so much more time with Thor, yes. He is like me in that he has a temper to be tamed and physical strength he allows to take over when that anger boils over. Your mother is talented with magic and is clever with words as you are. Me being more like Thor doesn’t make me love you any less than I love him.
    Loki: … Does Thor know?
    Odin: He will if you wish him to.
    Loki: We aren’t family, then.
    Odin: You are my son by love as your mother is my wife by marriage. Blood means little in the way of kin.
    Loki: But I can’t become king of Asgard.
    Odin: … Which is another reason I spend so much time with your headstrong brother as he’ll eventually have to do public speaking outside of ‘thor swing hammer’ and he doesn’t have the gilded tongue you do.
    Loki: Ah. Well. … Okay.
    Odin: Okay?
    Loki: Okay. … So he isn’t your favorite?
    Odin: Your mother is my favorite.

    and thus the entire movie line was avoided.

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